Last outing

Finally Friday, right? How are you? I hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend! I got a comment recently asking me about my views on investing in few key pieces as opposed to buying masses of fast fashion. Quality versus quantity. Personally I believe in investing in few high quality timeless pieces and supplementing them with fun […] Read More


Let's talk hair! My hair has finally started to grow out and I often get asked what kind of hair products I use and what my hair routine is like so here you go - all my juicy hair secrets. I hope you find it helpful! 1. Last year my hair was just passed shoulder length, […] Read More


These boots were made for walking!

Despite 12 cm Louboutin's and Alaïa's being my favourites, autumn and winter shoes are probably my most worn shoes. I simply really enjoy to walk to get from A to B rather than grabbing a taxi or cramming into the tube, and by walking I mean unglamorous sprinting. I'm that stressed woman you see on the street […] Read More


A walk in the park

This time of year is underrated! I'm loving spending time in the park all cuddled up in a big jumper with the dogs bouncing happily around me, eagerly and optimistically chasing squirrels of course. A lot of the outfits I saw and loved during fashion week aren't really applicable for normal strolls around the park on if you […] Read More


A/W Streetstyle

Hi everyone! How are you? I'm doing just swell here in London! As you probably know it's London Fashion Week, and I'm greatly enjoying catching glimpses of very well dressed people taking mental notes of what they are wearing. Is there any better inspiration than streetstyle? I think not. I've been loving looking through blogs and […] Read More


Salmon Tacos

The last few years I have tried to eat as much fish as possible and cut down on meats. The reason being my body prefers it. I believe there is no such thing as "one diet fits all", hence I think it's important to listen to your body and adjust your diet accordingly. Since I began eating […] Read More


Hi there! I hope you are well and that you're having a great and productive week? With Autumn fast approaching I've begun my quest for an updated seasonal wardrobe to keep me warm on chilly London days! I'm thinking layers as we transition into colder days - shirts, cashmere jumpers, cardigans and coats. I have gathered […] Read More


Green choices

  Hi there! How are you? What a fantastic summer, right? I was hoping for it to never end, but being honest I'm so grateful for the energy the summer has given me that I accept colder and darker days are to come. Fortunately we still have some time left before the cold really hits! Waking […] Read More


1. Pearl ring // 2. Pearl earrings // 3. Set of two X-rings // 4. Diamond circle earrings 5. Between the lines necklace // 6. Diamond ring // 7. Diamond x-ring // 8. Pearl ring 9. Diamond wrap ring // 10. Rose gold diamond ring // 11. Ear jacket // 12. Diamond wave bracelet // 13. […] Read More


Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying summer! As you may have noticed I've taken a little vacation to spend time with friends and family in Norway and I couldn't have been more lucky with the weather! I hope you're all having an amazing time too! I just wanted to quickly swing by to announce the […] Read More



This place. So peaceful and harmonious which is much appreciated after having spent some time in buzzing London. There is something so special to wake up to the sounds of nature like bird songs and waves hitting the shore, as opposed to the man made electronic humming I'm accustomed to in London. I am particularly enjoying […] Read More


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