I found this photo on Instagram a long time ago and I just loved how flattering and pretty it was, and saved it into a folder called “makeup looks I need to try”. Finally I decided to try it only I skipped the false eyelashes this time to make it a little more wearable. I think it’s a look that would be great for Christmas seeing as it’s golden and sparkly :)

I used Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette for this look, you can find it here.

1. Start by filling in your eyebrows and wash over a powder of the same colour as of your skin on the brow bone, it doesn’t matter if it’s an eyeshadow or face powder, the point is just to make it easier to blend out the eyeshadow we’ll be applying in the crease later. For my brows I like to use the duo brow palette by Anastasia.


2. Apply a golden cream base on the lid, Mac paintpots work great for this purpose. Blend out the cream base into the crease using a light brown eyeshadow, and blend it slightly outwards towards the end of the brow. If you don’t have the palette I recommend Mac Cork which is my go-to shadow for the crease.


3. Apply a gold eyeshadow to 2/3 of the inner part of your eye lid. If your gold eyeshadow is very thick, you will get a better result by patting it on gently rather than swiping it on. Use a lighter gold by the tear duct to open up your eyes more.


4. Apply the same light brown eyeshadow under the middle of the eye, and use a slightly darker brown on the outer corner. Bring the same darker brown to the outer corner of the upper lid as well, connecting the lids in the outer corner of your eye.


Apply eyeliner and mascara, and you’re done! :)


I used Mac Hue on my lips and Guerlain 4 Seasons bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks.


I hope you liked it and that you found some inspiration to your Christmas look! :D


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  • Pauline B. December 22, 2012, 22:18

    Gorgeous !

  • Constanze December 22, 2012, 22:44

    Beautiful look, love it! <3
    Hue is an amazing lipstick.

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:25

      Thank you :) Yes, Hue is one of my favourites! xx

  • Liset December 22, 2012, 22:51

    Pretty, i would add false eyelashes to this look when going to a christmas party. But i agree, it’s more wearable without them

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:32

      Yes, I agree with you that false lashes would be pretty for a Christmas party :) I had Christmas eve in mind with family for this look, hence the more natural approach.

  • Alexandra December 22, 2012, 22:53

    Which colors did you use for this look, specifically?

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:35

      I don’t remember all the names of the shades, but I used the lightest shade on the brow bone, Naked and Buck in the crease and the gold colour on the lid and the slightly pinkish light colour on the tear duct :)

  • CEB December 22, 2012, 23:10

    Thanks for doing a look/tutorial without false eyelashes! I know a lot of girls think its worth the task of putting on falsies practically every day, but they’re just not for me. Obviously I have the option to skip false lashes w/ any look but when I’m trying to duplicate something it’s a little disappointing when it comes out less remarkable due to a lack of false lashes… They do add such a beautiful effect!

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:38

      I’m happy you liked it :) I think false eyelashes look great for certain occasions, but not for every day use or a Christmas eve dinner with family, at least not for me.

  • Chris December 22, 2012, 23:15

    This makeup is so nice, i loved. Do you like use bronzing powder? I would like see some, i think is very good for blond hair.

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:39

      Thank you :) Yes, I use a little, but a little goes a long way for blondes in my opinion :)

  • Cristiane December 22, 2012, 23:28

    Hi Celina, i saw you like house designs, you will love the site, you will have good ideas.

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:39

      Omg, thank you so much for sharing this. How could I not know about this?? xx

  • fanny December 22, 2012, 23:38

    Love this makeup look !!

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:40

      I’m glad to hear that :D

  • Zeynep December 22, 2012, 23:54

    I like it very much

    Celina could you do a head to toe christmas look pleaseee

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:44

      I’m happy to hear you like it :) Not sure what you mean by head to toe Christmas look, but if you are referring to outfits I have done loads which you can see here and here :)

  • Stefania December 23, 2012, 00:04

    Very nice and simple look for every day even.I like the Mac Hue on your lips, I think I find my lipstick.Thanks

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:42

      Thank you, so happy to hear you like it. It’s absolutely a nice look for every day use :) Hue is a really pretty colour! xx

  • Nikita December 23, 2012, 00:07

    Gorgeous tutorial! Seems relatively easy and it’s very flattering on you! You’re especially stunning in the last picture :)

    • Celina December 23, 2012, 00:44

      Thank you so much, Nikita, it’s very easy indeed :)

  • Sara L. December 23, 2012, 00:55

    Simple and beautiful! The way the makeup should be. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Thuy-Van December 23, 2012, 01:25

    Im going to try it! It looks so easy, but pretty!

  • Krystle Powell December 23, 2012, 03:20

    Great look!! You made the makeup in that picture more wearable. When spending holidays with my family I tend to skip false eye lashes and heavier makeup

    I think I might actually keep everything neutral and do a light stained red lip for Christmas. :) but New Years calls for big sparkly eyes.

  • Evelyn Ruiz December 23, 2012, 04:04

    You look beautiful as always, I just got the 4 seasons bronzer and I loooove it!

  • Samii December 23, 2012, 05:06

    Wow, gorgeous. …And you made it so simple! Totally going to try this. Thanks!


  • Kait December 23, 2012, 07:32

    It’s posted! I’ll definitely be playing with this look in the morning, as I love gold eyeshadow. I may have to darken the lips just a touch to make it work for me, but that colour is stunning. This is a gorgeous Christmas look.

  • Heena December 23, 2012, 08:18

    You RocK!

  • Hillary December 23, 2012, 09:01

    This look is so stunning and looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I will definitely be trying this out in the near future :D Thank you so much for your makeup tutorials, they definitely help me to spice up my look!

  • Nathalie December 23, 2012, 13:16

    Amazing look!! :)

  • Alejandra December 23, 2012, 13:45

    Yess!! The makeup tutorial is here!! And definitely I´ll try it tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  • Taylor December 23, 2012, 23:40

    Gorgeous look! I love the gold and pale pink Lips. Beautiful as always Celina! Medry Christmas to you.

  • Marta December 24, 2012, 11:54

    You look gorgeous! I’ll try it for New Year’s Eve, with fake eyelashes! :)


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