Tutorial: No makeup – makeup look


The no makeup look surfaced along with the androgynous and normcore style, and is perhaps a balance between pragmatism and feminism. Feminism has a dirty smell to it, don’t you think? It’s no longer what it once was. It started as a fight for women to have equal rights as men, to be able to study and work if they wanted to. Somewhere along the way this got misinterpreted, and today you are being judged if you choose not to study and not chase a typical career. I think it is more often women judging other women than men judging women, making women our own worst enemy. I think this is a huge step back. Unfortunately we live in a society where we are all supposed to do the same thing. People like to analyse, generalise and box us up in some category. Like never before people are burned out and depressed, particularly women, possibly as a result of not living the life they would have wanted to which is unfortunate for the diversity we could have had. When did having studied or not define who you are and your intellect? Hold your urge to flip my words around, I’m not saying we should all become 60s housewives spending our lives ironing and not studying. I’m saying it should be up to anyone to be and do what ever they like without being judged for not fitting the norm. A friend of mine made millions importing, reinventing and further developing a sports vehicle – all without studying and without any help. The biggest bloggers started out typing in their living room and now earn 6 digit numbers. Blogging at top level is respected as a profession only when that level is reached, certainly not before. Yet barely making it through university and scoring a job where each Monday morning is dreaded is respected? Something is just not right.

Anyway, personally I think the no makeup trend is a liberating trend. I think it should be up to oneself to put makeup on or not, and it certainly shouldn’t be part of a job description of looking presentable. Putting on makeup should be a choice based on what makes you feel good. As much as I like a smokey eye for evening, I prefer stepping out almost bare faced when running errands. By almost I mean I cheat a little because wearing some makeup makes me feel better, such as a bit of skin coverage and framing eyes – all so subtly it still looks like I’m not wearing any makeup. It’s the no makeup makeup.

The no makeup makeup look is basically accentuating your natural beauty rather than creating something different. It doesn’t necessarily mean less makeup, just applied differently, and it’s not as scary as it may seem – I have tricks up my sleeve for you! If you have very fair eyelashes and shrug of the idea of not using any mascara I suggest tinting them a shade or two darker. Perfect for summer!

1. Start with a clean bare face and apply your usual serum and creams, as well as a good primer. A good skin routine is incredibly important to for healthy looking skin, and incase you missed it I wrote a post on some of my skin care favourites which you can find here.


2. Depending on how good your skin is you can either skip this step entirely, or use a BB or CC cream for a more even look, or a tinted moisturiser or foundation to cover up a little. I have scars and marks I like to cover, but I still want to retain bare-looking skin so I mix a bit of foundation with my moisturiser (which is basically the same thing as a tinted moisturiser – there’s a money saving tip for you!) and add foundation to areas where I feel the need of extra coverage such as around the nose where I tend to get redness, and on the chin where I have scars. Don’t go overboard with the foundation, you still want natural looking skin. If you have dull looking skin you can mix a bit of a liquid highlighter with your moisturiser for more glow, just makes sure it’s not too shimmery.


3. This step is all about looking more awake by hiding dark circles, and sculpt the face by cleverly applying a matte highlighter. Apply under eyes, along nose, on brow bone, between brows and around lips. Also cover any blemishes and fill in brows. Finish with a matting powder.


4. Eyes! For the ultimate no makeup look we ought to lay off the mascara, but fear not because there are other ways to frame the eyes. Using a brown kohl eyeliner you are going to tight-line your lash line. That means you are going to colour the little space between each lash being careful you don’t get any on top of the lash line. This is often what they do when they tattoo eyeliner. If you feel naked without the mascara, sparingly apply a brown or clear mascara on the top lashes. C’est tout!



Optional… pair with a messy bun and a buttoned up shirt.


Products I used:

Serum – La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ (also found in Boots)
Moisturiser – Ole Henriksen Herbal Day cream
Foundation – YSL Touche Eclat B40
Concealer – MAC NW15
Matting Powder – MAC blot powder Medium
Eyeliner – Lancome
Eye brows – Anastasia Duo

The shirt I’m wearing was found in the Asos sale but is now sold out. This Boyfriend style striped shirt is also nice!


Don’t forget to join the contest to win a Noemii Resort Wear tunic! Apply here!


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Fuller lips trick


This one has been quite requested! Every time I use this trick someone asks me if I’ve had lip injections, including close family and friends who knows what my lips look like better than anyone. I find this amazing, it means the trick is so good that the lips are actually looking noticeably bigger. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s too good not to share the love.


Hover over the image to pin it – it would make me very happy if you did :)

1. Before applying foundation, line  your lip line in a shade or two darker than the natural colour of your lips. You can go a tiny bit outside your own lip line, but don’t overdo it. Once pleased with your result, apply foundation gently feathering it around the lips. By applying the foundation after the lip liner it’s easier to correct the lip line should you need to without messing up your foundation.

2. To make your lips appear more plump, apply a liquid highlighter as in the above photo. Lightly pat the highlighter onto your skin using a finger. Make sure the highlighter is transitioning nicely by taking a step back from the mirror. If it looks like you just had a glass of milk you need to go back and blend out the lines.

3. Key is to accentuate what is already there. Naturally we have a bit of shade above the upper lip line. I like to shade this a smidgen darker to make the lips appear fuller. Going lightly is crucial.

4. I like my lips looking natural so I rarely use any coloured lipstick or lip gloss, but you do as you wish. Remember, a lipstick in a shade darker than your own lips may make your lips appear slimmer. And by strategically applying a lighter shade of lipstick you can make them appear fuller. In this step I simply applied some dots of a light lipstick (Mac Creme d’nude) to the centre of my lips, gently patting it onto the lips. This gives an illusion of fuller and more plump lips.


Products used:

I’m always on the hunt for great makeup products. What are your favourites at the moment? You can see mine under “favourites” in the menu if you haven’t already. XX


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Easy 5 step Summer Daytime Look

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he best makeup looks are the ones which emphasise the beauty of the face, rather than covering up the flaws. I think this is particularly important when it comes to light summer looks. I’ve used a mix of products and brands of which some are limited edition and not available anymore, but that doesn’t matter. The tutorial is meant to be a guideline and you can easily swap the products I’ve used for something similar to get the exact same look. Everything I’ve used is something I’m guessing most people already have in their makeup bag.

1. Start by applying an eyeshadow primer all over the lid, this will ensure your eyeshadow will stay put all day and avoid the dreaded zebra look. My favourite is this one, it’s a must have! Wash a nude eyeshadow over to create an easy base for further application using a big fluffy brush. I’ve used Mac Brule.


2. Blend in a matte light brown shadow in the outer corner creating a backward C as shown below. I’ve used Mac Cork.


3. Apply a light peachy pink shimmery shadow to the rest of the lid. When working with shimmer shadows it makes more sense to dab it on with your finger as opposed to applying with a brush as this will ensure no shimmer falling down onto your cheeks. I’ve used the second shade from the left in this palette from Chanel, Urban Decay Scratch is a great dupe.


4. Again, using a finger, dab on a light shimmer shadow to the inner corner of the eye. This will brighten the eyes and works particularly brilliant for tired eyes in the morning. I’ve used the first shade to the left in this palette from Chanel, Urban Decay Virgin is a great dupe.


5. Line the upper lash line and the outer part of the lower lash line with a brown kohl liner. A brown liner creates a soft look which is better for daytime than using a black liner which can look a little harsh in the daytime.


.. and apply mascara!

If you’re looking to make it into more of an evening look, running straight form the office to an after work drink, add a bit of shimmery black shadow to the outer corner where you’ve applied the light brown shade. I’ve used the shade to the right in this palette from Chanel. Gunmetal from Urban Decay would work well as a dupe.



I’ve used a lightweight foundation with medium coverage in the areas where I feel it’s needed, and I’ve left the skin bare where I don’t feel I need any coverage. This gives a more natural look. After foundation I’ve lightly dusted some matting powder all over the face, and applied a light pink blush to the cheeks and a bit of contouring under the cheekbones and along the jaw line. To give a healthy sheen I finished off with non-shimmery highlighter on top of the cheek bones. I like to keep my lips nude in the daytime so I lined them up with a nude lipliner, followed by a neutral lip balm. The lipliner is my all time favourite Mac Subculture.



Products recommended:

1. Eyeshadows – Urban Decay Naked Essentials palette, or Mac Brule and Mac Cork
2. Eyeshadows – Urban Decay Scratch, Gun metal and Virgin or Urban Decay Naked palette
3. Eyeliner and mascara – Lancôme Khol Eyeliner and Doll Eyes mascara
4. Foundation – YSL foundation (I use B30)
5. Blush – Nars Orgasm blush or Mac Pinch o Peach
6. Contouring – Nyx Blush in Taupe
7. Lips – Mac lipliner in Subculture
8. Brushes  – Sigma or Mac.

Let me know what you thought of the look in the comment section, and please include ideas for future looks too! x


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Makeup Tutorial from my New Years Eve look


[threecol_one]Time: 30 minutes[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Difficulty: Medium[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Party factor: 10[/threecol_one_last]

After I posted my New Years Eve outfit I got lots of requests for a makeup tutorial for the makeup look and here it is! Better late than never, right? :D

Products you’ll need:

1. Start by applying eyeshadow primer. Often you can skip certain steps in makeup tutorials and use what you have, and that includes this tutorial, but this particular step can’t be skipped and you’ll know why if you have an eyeshadow primer in your kit. It helps the shadow stay in place all night and you avoid getting the racoon on heroin look.


2. Wash a skin toned eyeshadow all over your eyelid using a big fluffy brush, this will be your base and will make it easier to blend the other shadows in the next steps. I used Mac Brule.


3. Apply eyeliner along the lash line. You really don’t have to be very particular about it as we’ll smudge it out in the next step. I’m using a brown eyeliner by Lancome.


4. Smudge the eyeliner using a short bristled brush creating a smooth smokey finish to the lash line. It will bring some more attention to the eyes without becoming too dark and overpowering. I’m using this brush.


5. Using a medium sized fluffy brush, like this one, blend in a matte dark brown shadow to the outer corner of the eye and into the socket like in the picture above. Blend well in the outer corner. You can also add some more of the nude shadow, or one with a bit of shimmer just to the middle of the eyelid blending inwards. I used this brown shadow.


6. Line the lash line with a black liquid liner making sure you get the liner in between the lashes as well, also known as tight lining. This liquid liner is my favourite. Add false lashes if you want, my favourites are 113, wispies and demi wispies from Ardell. Today I used the latter. (I buy them in Boots and Ebay)


7. Using a liquid gold liner line the outer part of your lash line, just above the black liner. Let it dry and go over again until the line is opaque enough. I think i did about 3-4 layers using this product.


8. Do the same under the eye in the inner corner stopping about half way of the eye. As for the face I followed the exact same steps as in this tutorial ;)


9. Et voilá, you’re ready :)

Please share, pin and “like” if you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know what you thought in the comment section!


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Makeup Tutorial: Get the look


I found this photo on Instagram a long time ago and I just loved how flattering and pretty it was, and saved it into a folder called “makeup looks I need to try”. Finally I decided to try it only I skipped the false eyelashes this time to make it a little more wearable. I think it’s a look that would be great for Christmas seeing as it’s golden and sparkly :)

I used Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette for this look, you can find it here.

1. Start by filling in your eyebrows and wash over a powder of the same colour as of your skin on the brow bone, it doesn’t matter if it’s an eyeshadow or face powder, the point is just to make it easier to blend out the eyeshadow we’ll be applying in the crease later. For my brows I like to use the duo brow palette by Anastasia.


2. Apply a golden cream base on the lid, Mac paintpots work great for this purpose. Blend out the cream base into the crease using a light brown eyeshadow, and blend it slightly outwards towards the end of the brow. If you don’t have the palette I recommend Mac Cork which is my go-to shadow for the crease.


3. Apply a gold eyeshadow to 2/3 of the inner part of your eye lid. If your gold eyeshadow is very thick, you will get a better result by patting it on gently rather than swiping it on. Use a lighter gold by the tear duct to open up your eyes more.


4. Apply the same light brown eyeshadow under the middle of the eye, and use a slightly darker brown on the outer corner. Bring the same darker brown to the outer corner of the upper lid as well, connecting the lids in the outer corner of your eye.


Apply eyeliner and mascara, and you’re done! :)


I used Mac Hue on my lips and Guerlain 4 Seasons bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks.


I hope you liked it and that you found some inspiration to your Christmas look! :D


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Makeup tutorial: Smokey eyes

Knowing I would probably only have time to do one makeup tutorial before Christmas I knew it had to be smokey eyes as it’s my favourite look for late winter nights. I find smokey eye inspiration in the red carpet looks of Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, and Heidi Klum as I think all these beautiful women always nail the smokey eye look in a way that makes them look both graceful and sexy.

High quality brushes are a must for smokey eyes to be able to create the smokey transition, these brushes are great and the price isn’t too bad either.

Smokey eyes step by step:

1. Start with applying an eyeshadow primer to make sure the shadow will stay put all night, I recommend this one. Follow up with applying a base shadow in the same shade as your skin all over the lid and under, avoiding the area just above your upper lash line. If you don’t have a matte shadow in the same shade as your skin you can also use a face powder. I used my go-to nude shadow, Mac Brule, which I use almost every single day.

2. Apply a black cream base on the lower part of the eye lid concentrating on the lower part and slightly smudging it upwards. No need to be neat, we’ll go over it later. If you don’t have a black cream base an eyeliner will do just fine. I used Mac Blackground.

3. Grab a black, dark grey or dark brown shadow and blend the smudged part of the cream eye shadow upwards. Don’t use too much shadow, it’s better to apply little by little to avoid using too much. A little goes a long way here. I used Mac Carbon.

4. Use the lightest shade of brown you have and blend it into the black using a window wiping motion, when well blended into the black you can blend it upwards just above the socket line. If you feel the need for more shadow on the lid, this is when you should apply it. The light shade of brown will create a beautiful transition as it mixes with the black and then fades out in its own light shade. I used my favourite crease shadow Mac Cork.

5. Use the same light brown shade underneath the eye to give the eye more of a somewhat rounder shape as this will draw more attention to the eyes for a real smokey look.

6. Line your upper lash line with a liquid or gel liner, and wing it out and up towards the end of your brow. Apply some black shadow on top of the liner to make it matte, this will also make it stay put longer. I used Lancôme Art Liner with Carbon on top. To give an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes you can apply a small dot of a light shimmer eyeshadow by the tear duct, I used Mac Dazzlelight. Apply lashes if you want, and finish off with mascara.

Matte is key for the skin here. I used a full coverage foundation adding a wash of a matte blot powder on top and a matte bronzer and lastly a matte subtle blush. I also paired the look with a nude lip as I think that looks best with the smokey eye. I’m loving the combo of this lipliner with this lipstick.


What do you think of the look?


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Firstly, thank you for your sweet comments on my pictures in this post and on Instagram (search for bycelina if you wish to follow me too). A makeup tutorial of the look was highly requested so I will share how I did my makeup in this post, as well as a few contouring tricks that might come in handy if you’re off to a photoshoot.

1. Start by prepping your skin with a moisturiser and let it sink in for about 10 minutes. If your skin is very dry or you suffer with skin conditions like rosacea or acne with inflamed patches, it might be of help to also use a primer like the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast (which actually isn’t a primer at all, but I discovered it for this purpose through the talented makeup artist Lisa Eldridge).

2. If your skin is very dry you can use a foundation, but I recommend using a powder as the finish will look better on camera. Cover any spots with a concealer, and cover your under eye area if you suffer from baggy eyes. I used Glo Minerals gloPressed base followed by a few touch ups of Glo Minerals gloCamouflage concealer on my spots. A great way of applying a concealer is to use the tip of a brush, and then dab it lightly with a finger until it’s melted into your skin. Try to fight the urge to rub and smudge ;)

Nota bene: Don’t use moisturiser, primer or foundation with SPF in as it will make your skin appear shiny.

3. Onto the eyes. I washed a matte eyeshadow (Mac Brule) over my entire eyelid using a fluffy brush. I then blended in some of the contouring blush (which I will be talking more about later on) in the crease and carelessly lined my lashline with a brown pencil from Lancôme. Using a small flat brush and a brown eyeshadow (Mac Cork), I smudged the eyeliner to make it softer, you can read more about that technique here. I also repeated this technique on the outer part of my lower lashline, making it fade in towards the tear ducts. To finish off I applied my favourite fake eye lashes. The lashes are far too long in real life, but they always look amazing on camera. I used no. 113, but no. 120 is also gorgeous! You can find them here and here. Lastly I applied a bit of mascara, using YSL Faux Cils.

4. After having applied powder, the natural shadows of the face gets washed out so we need to contour the face again. This is when I will let you in on my secret love affair with contouring products. I have been a massive contouring geek and I have probably over 30 different contouring products in my drawer. My favourite contour product over all is… drumroll.. NYX blush in the colour Taupe ($5), which is the perfect matte shadowy colour for contouring, and I applied it like this:


♥ Use a matte greyish brown product (contouring product) where you want to create shadows, and to make something appear smaller. It’s just as important as to find the right shade as to find a matte product. Bronzers are often too orange, so use either a darker face powder or a blush.
♥ Use a light toned matte or shimmery product (highlighter) where you want to accentuate and highlight, and make something appear bigger. A shimmery product looks great on the cheeks, but for the nose a matte highlighter will look better.

Slimmer nose: Use a highlighter along the bridge of your nose, and create shadows using a contouring product along the sides.
Shorter nose: Use a contouring product just underneath the tip of your nose.
Hide double chin: Apply the countouring product along your jaw line and in a triangular area with the tip of your chin being the tip of the triangle.
Accentuate cheekbones: Apply a highlighter on top of your cheekbones (where you can feel the bone) and blend upwards. Use a contouring product just underneath you cheekbones. This line should go from the top of your ear towards the corner of your mouth, and the line should be at its strongest in the midle, fading out at both ends.
Make your face more narrow: Apply a contouring product along the sides of your face, and use the technique for accentuating cheekbones.
Make your jaw appear more narrow (great for wide square and triangle face types): Apply a contouring product on the side of your jaw just inbetween your cheekbone and your lower jawline. It can also be wise to apply a highlighter to the sides of your forehead as this will even out your face shape.
Make your face shorter (great for oblong face types): Apply a contouring product on the top of your forehead and in a triangular area with the tip of your chin being the tip of the triangle, and blend upwards. Apply a highlighter on top of your cheekbones, making your face appear wider.
Fuller lips: Line your lips with a lipliner making the line strongest in the midle, and fading out towards the corners of your mouth. Use a highlighter (like a liquid highlighter or a nude coloured lipstick) in the midle of your lips, and lightly dab a lipstick a smidgen darker than of the colour of your lips on the rest of your lips. For extra pouty lips you can dab a bit of lipgloss just in the midle on top of the nude/highlighted area. You can read even more about contouring lips in this post.

 What do you think of the tutorial? Will you try it? :)


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Makeup Tutorial: Smokey eye using the Naked Palette 2

I wore this look some time back and I got lots of compliments for it, and since all the eyeshadows were from the “Naked Palette 2” I thought I’d share it with you as I know many of you have this eyeshadow palette. If you don’t have it you should check it out as it’s a really versatile palette with great quality eyeshadows. I found mine here.

I have used FOXY, BOOTYCALL, PISTOL, VERVE and BLACKOUT :) If you don’t have the palette, you can of course use other similar eyeshadows to create the look. Just make sure the black eyeshadow is pigmented enough. For makeup brushes, turn to these brushes for inexpensive and good quality makeup brushes.

1. Start with a good base. I like to use this primer, it’s the best for holding the eyeshadow in place all night. Lines of sweaty eyeshadow is never a chic look.

2. Gently pat on PISTOL all over the lid except for the outer corner and the very inner corner. Don’t bring it higher than your natural socket line, where the bone is.

3. With a different brush, gently pat on BLACKOUT to the outer corner. You can bring this slightly higher than your natural socket line as it will make your eye seem bigger.

4. Bring the eyeshadow underneath your eye as well, but only to the outer corner of the under eye lash line. You want the lash line to be in line with the end of your eyebrow, same rule applies to eyeliner ;)

5. Use the same eyeshadow as before, PISTOL, underneath the eye as well and blend it out downwards. Apply FOXY with a fluffy brush on your brow bone and around the eyeshadow to get rid of any hard lines, we want the transition from eyeshadow to skin to be smooth. Apply a little bit of Boothycall just underneath the brow to make your eyebrows appear higher up and cleaner.

6. Apply the silvery colour, VERVE, to the inner corner of the eye as this makes you look more awake which is important when you do a smokey eye with black. Lastly, apply eyeliner and mascara – and you’re ready for an eye gazing night :)

I hope you liked it!! :D


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Makeup Tutorial: Urban Decay Naked 2

I’ve had so many requests for makeup tutorials using this palette, but I wanted to wait to make sure everyone has had a chance to get it first. Yet again makeup addicts around the world wipes out the shelves at Urban Decay and the palette is gone for months. If you haven’t already, make sure you score one here as I’m sure it won’t be in for long.

1. Start by applying a primer to your eye lid, this will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing. I like to use Urban Decay Primer Potion. Once the primer is set I washed on a layer of Foxy which will make it easier to blend the colours later on.

2. I then used a blending brush to blend Tease into the crease (That rhymed! I wonder if they did that on purpose). When blending, it’s better to add shadow little by little and wipe the brush back and forth until your arm hurts. If you make a mistake and bring it up too high the best solution is to go over with Foxy again to dilute the colour. What ever you do, don’t use makeup remover as this will make a horrible line which is impossible to correct later on.

3. Using a flat brush I added Snakebite to the outer half of the eye lid. Because the shadow is farely shimmery I find I get the best result with pressing the eyeshaow on rather than using wiping motion. This prevents fallout as well.

4. Using the other side of the same brush I added Half Baked to the inner half of the lid. I used the same pressing method here as well. To get a nice transition between the two shadows, you can wipe the brush carefully back and forth just there.

5. To open up the eyes I like to use a light colour in the inner corner. For this look I chose to mix Verve with Bootycall as I think the two together makes a pretty neutral highlight colour. I used a small rounded tapered brush for this.

6. On the inner half of the lower lid I continued with the same colour as I used in the inner half of the upper lid, Half Baked. I applied it using the same pressing method as mentioned above with the same brush as before.

7. Using Snakebite I connected the colour in the outer corner dragging if slightly further to elongate the eye. I also cleaned up fall outs and blended out the edges once more with Foxy using a big fluffy brush, this makes the over all look softer.

8. Lastly I lined my upper lash line with a liquid eyeliner and finished off with mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Urban Decay Naked 2 // Sigma Brushes // Nars Sheer Glow Foundation // Mac Mineral Skinfinish Natural, and brushes // Nars Powder brush in Dolce Vita

I hope you liked the tutorial, I will be posting more soon ;) LOVE this palette more and more the more I use it!!! Incredibly versatile <3


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Makeup Tutorial: Bronze with a sparkle of gold

Christmas is right around the corner which means the most festive season of the year has arrived. Why not try something different that brings all attention to the eyes with a sparkle of gold, and a cat eye flick like Angelina Jolie is always seen with? It’s easy (only five steps) but still very glamorous and suitable for all eye colours and all occasions.

1. Start with a bronze base. I used Mac paint pot in Indianwood which I applied on the lid and under the eye.

2. Apply a very light brown colour to the crease to get a nice gradient effect, you can also apply a nude shade on the brow bone. I used Mac Cork and Brule.

3. Apply a darker shade on the outer corner to create depth and blend it softly in to avoid any harsh edges. I used Mac Espresso.

4. Apply a bronze colour on 2/3 of the eye leaving the outer corner where you placed the darker shade. I used Bronze by Mac. Then place a bright and sparkly gold just in the middle of the lid to bring light to your eyes. I used a golden dazzle dust from Barry M.

5. Apply eyeliner, falsies (optional) and mascara and you’re done. I used Loreal Carbon Gloss liquid liner, Dior Show mascara and Ardell Invisiband “Fairies” lashes.


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