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Finally Friday, right? How are you? I hope you’re having a lovely start to the weekend!

I got a comment recently asking me about my views on investing in few key pieces as opposed to buying masses of fast fashion. Quality versus quantity. Personally I believe in investing in few high quality timeless pieces and supplementing them with fun seasonal trends from the high street. As you know, the last few years I’ve also become fond of second hand and vintage. A lot of great items can be found if you spend some time on your treasure hunt and if you’re lucky you can snag pieces at heavily discounted prices. It’s also less harmful for the environment if we buy from one another. Today the jacket, brooch and bag are all second hand or vintage. A Chanel jacket like this will be just as nice in 10 or even 20 years if treated nicely. The more I can wear an item the more I am willing to invest in it as I calculate cost per wear to justify the purchase. I’ve learnt this the hard way as I began with splurging out on beautiful but expensive dresses and skimping on the quality of items such as jackets and jumpers. I ended up cold and uncomfortable most days with my quality pieces hanging in the closet. Should you change your mind on a second hand or vintage item, chances are you will be able to get back what you payed for it which means nothing lost in the end of the day. It also means you can update your wardrobe frequently at no extra cost. Brilliant, right?



Get your Chanel jacket:

chanel jackets

Jacket 1 // Jacket 2 // Jacket 3 // Jacket 4 // Jacket 5



Leather pants – a wardrobe staple

Second hand pants (some unused with tag);


Pant 1 // Pant 2 // Pant 3 (same as I’m wearing) // Pant 4 // Pant 5



I’ve had what might be my last outing with this beauty of a bag, the Hermès Constance. I love the bag so much, but I haven’t used her enough to justify the price so I’m hoping she will end up with someone that will take her out more so I’ve decided to sell her. If you are interested you can pop me an email at It’s a very rare bag as it’s no longer in production, and it’s also the most sought after combination of black and gold.



I am wearing:

Jacket – Chanel
T-shirt – Splendid, the softest t-shirts there are – found here
Leather pants – Alexander McQueen
Shoes – Valentino, here
Bag – Hermès
Cuff – Hermès, same here
Watch – Cartier


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A walk in the park


This time of year is underrated! I’m loving spending time in the park all cuddled up in a big jumper with the dogs bouncing happily around me, eagerly and optimistically chasing squirrels of course. A lot of the outfits I saw and loved during fashion week aren’t really applicable for normal strolls around the park on if you know what I mean, but the jumper and skirt look is one I’ve become very fond of as of late as I find it’s such a relaxed yet cool look that it fits in almost anywhere.

Hair tucked in and all.




Find second hand Hermès crocodile CDC in black with gold hardware here and silver hardware here.


I’m wearing:

Jumper – Zara current season, similar here and here
Skirt – River Island, similar here
Shoes – H&M, similar here
Clutch – Marni, similar here also love this
Sunglasses – Céline, found here
Cuff – Hermès collier de chien, in gold here and silver here
Bracelet – Hermès clic clac, in khaki here and electric blue here
Thin diamond bracelet – Monica Vinader c/o Net-a-Porter
Watch – Cartier, find similar model here



I hope’ve had a lovely and relaxing Sunday too? X


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Green choices



Hi there!

How are you? What a fantastic summer, right? I was hoping for it to never end, but being honest I’m so grateful for the energy the summer has given me that I accept colder and darker days are to come. Fortunately we still have some time left before the cold really hits! Waking up to rays of sunshine stroking my face through the window yesterday urged me to channel my mood through my dressing, so I opted for the most optimistic and energetic coloured long sleeved dress in my wardrobe – a green joy of a dress found in the summer sale!

I’m actually looking forward to cozy nights in surrounded by candles whilst deeply engaged with some sort of creative crafts or hobby. I’m planning on sewing and re-sewing clothes and pillows and stuff with a newly purchased sewing machine that I suspect is a little past my experience level. It’s not the ideas that are the problem, my skills however …. got to start somewhere though!

I’m thinking the more we can create ourselves and buy from one another contributes to keeping the earth a little greener. Manufacturing is not the biggest greenhouse gas contaminator, but it still leaves a pollution footprint and every little step we can take in keeping the earth greener counts! Today I’m wearing a mix of new and second hand/vintage. So many great treasures can be found so rather than go purchasing something new next time, why not go green and find something with a soul? Vintage shopping is actually a lot of fun!



Vintage Hermès Kelly, vintage Hermès CDC belt and second hand Givenchy shark ballet flats.

IMG_4120 IMG_4143 IMG_4115

Is there anything one cannot wear with a leather jacket? I am pretty sure this is my most worn piece of outer wear, yet I never get tired of it. I’m such a sucker for leather, and I adore the biker detailing. Perfect transitioning wear.




Dress – Unfortunately the dress was a lucky find in the sales and is therefor no longer available, but I have found several similar styles. Check out this, this one, and this one. You also want to see this pretty vintage YSL one and this second hand (unused with tags) Marni one.

Leather jacket – Oldie but goodie from Zara. Asos has a similar biker detailed one which you can find here.

Belt – Vintage Hermès CDC, find same one here or a beige version here. They also look great on coats!

Flats – Givenchy, purchased second hand. These are really cute too.

Watch – Cartier, find similar model here.

Bracelet – Hermès Clic Clac, find an orange second hand one here.

Bag – Vintage Hermès Kelly 35cm, find yours here.


Similar pieces:

Anyone know of any good sewing blogs? X


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Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week!

I find myself all wrapped in white again, exploiting summer’s vivid green plants and bright rays of sunshine as a backdrop for my stolen crisp white cotton shirt. It’s the last outfit with palm trees in the background for a while as I’m returning to Londinium as you’re reading this. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m back, though I’m very much looking forward to be reunited with London’s vast selection of restaurants, cafés, shops, theatres and museums.




Please ignore that sweaty strand of hair delicately glued to my forehead. How chic. One thing I won’t be missing is the ability this weather has to punch any form of volume out of my hair as soon as I walk out the door. My rescue on particularly humid days has been colourful scarves in various shapes around my head. Easy fix, and brigthens up the outfit too.






I wore

Shirt – Givenchy, stolen from the boyfriend (similar here)
Jeans – Old (similar here)
Shoes – Christian Louboutin Decoupata (a pair in black here // similar style here)
Bag – Céline Trio (Trio clutch here // this CL on sale is cute too)
Scarf – Hermès (find yours here)
Sunglasses – Céline
Cuff – Hermès CDC croc (red croc here // lizard here)
Bangle – Hermès (same collection different colour and size here)
Ring – Bulgari (same one here)
Rose gold jewellery – Monica Vinader via Net-a-Porter
Pearls – Pinctada (these are cute too)
Nails – OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

On my face

Skin – This foundation // this powder in the t-zone
Eyes – This mascara // this eyeliner
Lips – This lipliner in “Subculture” // this lipstick in “Creme d’nude” (see a tutorial here)
Cheeks – This highlighter (Lightscapade) // this bronzer

 PS. Remember the vinyl Hermès Kelly beach bag I wore in this post? I just found one here if you’re interested! X


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Sale: My favourite 25

Happy weekend, everyone!

Finally Friday! Due to a very unwelcome summer cold (it is Friday the 13th…) I’ve spent the day scrutinising the sales with an unknown number of large cups of tea. Boost tea from Kusmi Tea Paris, to be precise, which is my go-to tea at the moment. But that wasn’t what this post was supposed to be about (though I do recommend getting it for an instant pick-me-up!). More interesting are the sales going on at the moment.

It’s still early days for the sale season, some shops haven’t even started their sale yet (Harrods, I’m thinking of you!), but the selection is already marvellous! The 25 items below are some of my favourites, and there were a few others I would’ve liked to have included but which unfortunately already sold out. Dang them online shoppers! So without any further ado, here are my top 25 sale items:


1. Jeans – here // 2. Antigona – here // 3. Heels – here // 4. Bracelet – here // 5. Jumper – here

6. Striped jumper – here // 7. Jeans – here // 8. Sunglasses – here // 9. Pearl ring – here // 10. Shoes – here

11. Coat – here // 12. Clutch – here // 13. Shagreen clutch – here // 14. Dress – here // 15. Dress  – here

16. Rockstuds – here // 17. Rockstud heels – here // 18. Bag – here // 19. Wrap dress – here // 20. Silk tank – here

21. Midi skirt – here // 22. Crochet dress – here // 23. Sandals – here // 24. Metallic bag – here // Rockstud sandals – here

If you share my passion for vintage I recommend checking out Vestiaire Collective which also runs a sale at the moment. In the “Favourites”-page I have added a tab for sale items which I will update through the season so remember to keep an eye on it!

What are your favourites? Perhaps you know of some good sales going on I’ve missed out on? Or good teas?


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On my mind: stripes

Lately I’ve found myself craving stripes which contradicts my natural disposition towards avoiding them like the plague, almost certainly caused by my mothers love of dressing me up in nautical stripes when I was growing up. I believe that when it comes to stripes it’s all in the styling and I prefer them when they are not too nautical.. naturally. Here is some inspiration:

Great shoe and bag c
Striped jacket at Lo
We Know You Own It,
:: summer afternoon
Marlow Lou: STRIPES
Madewell x Erin Wass
Rules of Style – Oli
stripes/black tights
Marlow Lou: STRIPES
Yes, vertical stripe
who are we: THE FAIL
Rules of Style – Oli
Decent way to take s
TheyAllHateUs | Page
Marlow Lou: STRIPES
Chanel bag, shorts a
stripes fashion desi
Fashion Beauty
All Hail The Blogger

I think stripes look particularly good paired with leather, denim or a slightly different stripe print. Leather being my absolute favourite!

Some of my favourite stripe items:

Also, thank you for your input in regards to topics for the blog! And once again, my humble appreciation for your kind comments regarding the relaunch of the blog. I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful people interested in my soliloquy on the internets!

I hope you’re having a great day! X

How do you feel about stripes?


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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend!

I wore this going to the Monte Carlo beach club which has the best Sunday buffet in the world, so if you’re ever in Monaco you need to go there for brunch. I know I’m late to the party, but denim shirts are my favourite at the moment. It’s such a versatile item, it really goes with everything and I can’t stop wearing it. I think it’s such a perfect top to wear during transitional weather when it’s sunny in one moment and chilly in the next.



I’m completely infatuated with the rose gold collection from Monica Vinader! I love how the thin delicate diamond bands adds a feminine touch to my not so dainty fingers and wrists. The packaging is also lovely. In fact, I kept all the packaging because they were too pretty to throw away. I have no idea what to do with them, but at least they are safe, haha. Hoarder in the making. I tell myself they might be useful in the future for a potential move so they can be kept safe.. because transporting them while wearing them would clearly be impossible. Right.




I wore:

Denim shirt: Zara (old) – similar here
Shorts: Topshop (old) – similar here
Shoes: Hermès, find same here
Bag: Chanel Boy – found here
Sunglasses: Céline – found here
Bracelets & rings: Monica Vinader via Net-a-porter
Bangle: Hermès, find yours here
White ring: Bulgari,  find yours here


I’ve received some requests for future posts regarding topics. So far I have home decor, hair and workout routine scribbled down, but I would love to hear if there is anything else or perhaps particularly one of the above you are interested in. Let me know in the comment section below! X


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Shirt in dress


Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week!

I wore this outfit one of our last nights in Marrakech. Being in a muslim country I wanted to respect their culture by covering knees, chest and shoulders, but I still wanted to dress up as it was a special night. By wearing the dress over this beaded blouse the dress completely transformed. I love items you can wear in multiple different ways, makes a wardrobe instantly much more versatile!


I should have made an effort with the hair for a more pulled together look (a messy French twist would’ve been nice!), but styling my hair is not something I particularly want to waste precious time on when there is so much to see outside the hotel room.


The beading around the neck of this blouse is so beautiful, I think it must be the prettiest blouse I own! I ought to warn you though – it’s another crop one.




I wore:

Blouse – H&M
Dress – H&M
Shoes – Christian Louboutin (or get lucky here)
Bag – Vintage Chanel
Rose gold jewellery – Monica Vinader
Pearl earrings – Etsy

What do you think about the shirt in dress look?

Have a great day!


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All White


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I’m currently in Marrakech, Morocco, escaping the madness of the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco. Before we left I attended an early GP party and got to wear my first all white outfit of the year which featured one item of clothing I swore I would never wear after the age of 16, the crop top. Just writing the words makes me cringe. It is however the only crop top I own as it’s slightly longer than most crop tops and I absolutely adore the crochet cut-out pattern, and at that price it was impossible not to satisfy my whims. As the evenings in the South of France are still slightly chilly I opted for a felt skirt just passed the knee which I thought evened out the crop top a little. An all white outfit is the epitome of early summer for me and it feels amazing to dress in all white again! Finally summer is fast approaching!



Had I been a little more organised and planned my outfit in advance I would’ve painted my nails white too. Let’s just pretend they are ;)



Top – Nastygal
Skirt – Zara (sold out, similar here)
Shoes – Valentino Rockstud
Bag – Valentino vava-voom (sold out, other colours here)
Jewellery – Monica Vinader via Net-a-Porter
Earrings – Etsy
Sunglasses – Céline Audrey ’14

Shop the post:

Have you jumped on a the crop top bandwagon yet? Hope you have had a great start to the week and that the sun is shining where you are!


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Maldives Feather Madness


We need to discuss this beach tunic, it deserves its own article. It has everything I look for in a beach tunic and more, and I wish I had found it sooner. Made of heavy luxurious silk (think Hermès) it feels cool and delicate against the skin, flowing softly around the body without clinging claustrophobically to the skin like all my previous beach cover-ups have done. It breathes.


There is something about vibrant greens and blues which brings out such joy and happiness in me. I get the same feeling wearing this tunic as gazing out at sea and together they are a perfect match. The transition from green to blue and all the colours in between really mesmerises me.

Anyway. You get the idea, I really like the tunic and wanted to the share the love. It’s by Noemii Resortwear and it’s called Maldives Feather Madness (you can find it at



Another fun closet cohabitant is this limited edition vinyl Kelly 40 which I found at an auction in Paris. The bag was only available at a Hermès exhibition in 1997 and never in the Hermès stores, and it only came in this clear colour and an orange version as far as I am aware. It makes for the perfect beach bag!





Shop the post:


Tunic – Noemii Resortwear

Beach bag – Hermès vinyl Kelly 40 (often at VC)

Sandals – Valentino, via VC

Jewellery – Monica Vinader, via Net-a-Porter

Sunglasses – Céline Audrey 41805/S, via VC

Nails – Chanel

I’m overwhelmed by all your kind comments on both the previous blog post and on Instagram. Honestly, I was jumping of joy after 5 comments and the comments they just kept ticking in. It means so much to me that you enjoy the blog and that you took the time to say hi. Thank you! I got some questions about the top I wore, I forgot to mention, it’s by Zara. Much love!


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