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I hope you’re having a nice Thursday! As requested, here is a little summary of our weekend in Marrakech.

Having never been to Morocco, let alone the continent of Africa, I had no idea what to expect of Marrakech. I think what surprised me the most was the people. For some reason I mistakenly assumed it would be a nightmare of annoying salesmen, but in general they were not ongoing at all but rather polite and helpful.

In Morocco you find beauty where you would normally not look for it as well as all around you. There is so much work behind every building, every room and every decor object. Photos can not capture the melancholic atmosphere created by the traditional lanterns of artfully cut metal and glass. Nor can they capture the warmth of the sun with the cool breeze from the Sahara carrying a faint scent of exotic aromas, and distant tunes of traditional Berber music.

We stayed at a riad, a house built around a courtyard converted to a hotel, located in the middle of the Medina which is the historical part of Marrakech. At our hotel, La Sultana, there were several courtyards and each had a special theme and function. It was such a beautiful hotel and great location for exploring.

We didn’t have enough time to really explore Marrakech, but we did manage to see a fair bit. The souks, or better known as markets, carry all kinds of leather items, pots and urns, rugs, furniture, spices and clothes. We had planned on getting a big wool rug, but ended up instead with a wooden box decorated with mother of pearl in a typical Moroccan pattern. We also visited a tannery to see the leather process used for hundreds of years. The stench of animal urine and pigeon droppings, which they use to soften the leather, will show you the way. In between the labyrinth of souks there is an old islamic school, Ben Youssef Madrassa, home of beautiful art and architecture well worth a visit.

After a long day in the Medina we ventured into the new district where most modern restaurants, hotels and bars are located, and stumbled upon a very cool roof terrace with lounge music, sushi and mojitos. We also visited The Royal Mansour, the previous home of the King now a 7 star hotel, where we enjoyed some drinks in the bar followed by a very interesting gastronomic experience in the La Table Marocain restaurant.

We were told a day in the spa is a must when visiting Morocco so we spent our last day in the spa of the hotel in the hammam followed by body scrubs, body wraps, massages, facials and pedicures which was a fantastic end to our weekend getaway!

Have you been to Morocco?


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