Autumn is fast approaching and while sales are at their most lucrative it may be a good idea to start thinking about your Autumn wardrobe. I have gathered some of my favourite items from the clearance as well as favourite finds from the second-hand market. Leather jackets and warm wool coats are mandatory for any autumnal wardrobe, […] Read More


The no makeup look surfaced along with the androgynous and normcore style, and is perhaps a balance between pragmatism and feminism. Feminism has a dirty smell to it, don't you think? It's no longer what it once was. It started as a fight for women to have equal rights as men, to be able to study and […] Read More


Let’s talk about skin

I have discovered a product that has changed my skin so much it deserves its own post. When I started using it I first noticed it made my skin less red and irritated which for my sensitive skin was reason enough to keep using it. After a few days I noticed whiteheads being almost diminished, […] Read More


The Noemii tunics are the epitome of luxurious resort wear and I am so delighted to have the opportunity to give one away to you! You will be able to pick exactly which of the four of the Maldives tunic you would like, worth €435: How to enter the contest: Follow Noemii Resort Wear on Facebook […] Read More


Seagrass Dreams

Hi everyone! I went back to Monaco for a day to pack up the last bits and bops and decided to exploit the day to the fullest by squeezing in a walk under the warm sun while breathing in fresh sea air dressed in my new breathtakingly beautiful silk tunic. When first discovering these tunics I had […] Read More


Favourite Vintage Finds

Vintage isn't really the right word, as technically a bag needs to more than 20 years old to be defined as such, but pre-owned doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? Anyway, if you have followed me for a while you will know my love for hunting bags - whether new, barely used or proper vintage! […] Read More



Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great weekend! I've spent the last few days unpacking and getting settled here in London. It feels so great to be back, I feel infused with new life! I think the Scandinavian culture is more similar to the British than the French, and as much as I enjoy Monaco I feel more […] Read More



Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week! I find myself all wrapped in white again, exploiting summer's vivid green plants and bright rays of sunshine as a backdrop for my stolen crisp white cotton shirt. It's the last outfit with palm trees in the background for a while as I'm returning to Londinium as you're reading this. Hopefully […] Read More


Splurge vs Steal

That Isabel Marant top. Perfect feminine boho chic summer ruffles with lace and silk organza of the most tender and soft pink hue. Sold out worldwide in a heart beat and sold at eBay at three times the price. The seasons so called "must have", seen on everyone from Man Repeller to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Needless to […] Read More


Sale: The basics

Last week I shared fun and game changing favourites from the sales, but what is a wardrobe without basics? Basics are what brings it all together, or, worn on their own, the epitome of "less is more". Despite what your inner Carrie might have to say, basics are actually what we wear most. A polyester blouse has […] Read More


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