Hi there! I hope you are well and that you're having a great and productive week? With Autumn fast approaching I've begun my quest for an updated seasonal wardrobe to keep me warm on chilly London days! I'm thinking layers as we transition into colder days - shirts, cashmere jumpers, cardigans and coats. I have gathered […] Read More


Green choices

  Hi there! How are you? What a fantastic summer, right? I was hoping for it to never end, but being honest I'm so grateful for the energy the summer has given me that I accept colder and darker days are to come. Fortunately we still have some time left before the cold really hits! Waking […] Read More


1. Pearl ring // 2. Pearl earrings // 3. Set of two X-rings // 4. Diamond circle earrings 5. Between the lines necklace // 6. Diamond ring // 7. Diamond x-ring // 8. Pearl ring 9. Diamond wrap ring // 10. Rose gold diamond ring // 11. Ear jacket // 12. Diamond wave bracelet // 13. […] Read More


Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying summer! As you may have noticed I've taken a little vacation to spend time with friends and family in Norway and I couldn't have been more lucky with the weather! I hope you're all having an amazing time too! I just wanted to quickly swing by to announce the […] Read More



This place. So peaceful and harmonious which is much appreciated after having spent some time in buzzing London. There is something so special to wake up to the sounds of nature like bird songs and waves hitting the shore, as opposed to the man made electronic humming I'm accustomed to in London. I am particularly enjoying […] Read More


Autumn is fast approaching and while sales are at their most lucrative it may be a good idea to start thinking about your Autumn wardrobe. I have gathered some of my favourite items from the clearance as well as favourite finds from the second-hand market. Leather jackets and warm wool coats are mandatory for any autumnal wardrobe, […] Read More


The no makeup look surfaced along with the androgynous and normcore style, and is perhaps a balance between pragmatism and feminism. Feminism has a dirty smell to it, don't you think? It's no longer what it once was. It started as a fight for women to have equal rights as men, to be able to study and […] Read More


Let’s talk about skin

I have discovered a product that has changed my skin so much it deserves its own post. When I started using it I first noticed it made my skin less red and irritated which for my sensitive skin was reason enough to keep using it. After a few days I noticed whiteheads being almost diminished, […] Read More


The Noemii tunics are the epitome of luxurious resort wear and I am so delighted to have the opportunity to give one away to you! You will be able to pick exactly which of the four of the Maldives tunic you would like, worth €435: How to enter the contest: Follow Noemii Resort Wear on Facebook […] Read More


Seagrass Dreams

Hi everyone! I went back to Monaco for a day to pack up the last bits and bops and decided to exploit the day to the fullest by squeezing in a walk under the warm sun while breathing in fresh sea air dressed in my new breathtakingly beautiful silk tunic. When first discovering these tunics I had […] Read More


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