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Hello from Stockholm

Hello from Stockholm

Firstly, I just want to say I’m so grateful for your kind and thoughtful comments on Instagram and I really can’t believe you’ve missed my blog with so many great blogs out there. I’m really bursting with gratitude!

I’ve been planning on restarting the blog multiple times, but situations that I needed to attend to first has kept popping up. This month the hamster wheel took a different turn with the Covid-19 situation affecting us all. I hope everyone is keeping safe and sticking to social distancing during these surreal times. Now that I’m spending all this time at home, I finally found the time to redesign the blog. Though I wish it was under different and more cheerful circumstances, I’m thinking that perhaps it’s actually not such a bad thing for us to let our minds wander off on less serious matters in between the news updates.

I’m really excited about finally having an outlet for fashion and random thoughts again, and I can’t wait to hear about your thoughts and ideas in the comment section as well! I’ve really missed this stream of funny, knowledgable and interesting input from around the world which is without a doubt the best part about blogging in my opinion.

We have quite some catching up to do though, don’t we? As the headline suggests, I’m currently situated in Stockholm where I live with my Norwegian boyfriend. When I stopped blogging I was living in London studying Marketing Management, and between then and now I continued my studies in Oslo (hence the Norwegian boyfriend I picked up on the way, heh). Since my studies I’ve worked on projects within fashion and media, and founded an online store dedicated to the best of vintage designer bags and accessories. I ended up in Stockholm for working on a project which Sweden offers a far better foundation for.

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To start things off I thought we could do a questions session as I’m sure you have some questions based on the comments and messages I’ve already received on Instagram. So just leave me a note in the comment section with your question and I will answer them all in a later post.

I hope you are all keeping safe!! All my thoughts are with those affected. And let’s remember that Issac Newton cooked up the foundation to his gravity theory whilst at home from Cambridge due to the Great Plague of London in 1665, perhaps we can all use this spare time at home for something good?

Wishing you all a lovely day! X

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  • Celina! I’m so excited…that don’t even know what to ask you about… 😀 so I just want to say I’ve really missed you and I’m so happy you decided to restart your blog <3

  • Jeg er sååå glad for at min favorittinfluenser er tilbake!! Vil du kun dele fashion & beauty, eller får vi ta en større del av livet ditt? Hadde vært spennende å høre mer om hva du driver med, hverdagslivet og alt som hører med:) Uansett, så kommer jeg til å følge med!

    • Åååh, tusen takk, så hyggelig å høre! Jeg tenker å dele en del fra livet mitt også 😀 Noterer meg hva du synes ville vært spennende å høre om. Tusen takk for innspill! x

  • So lovely to have you back! Tell us more about your Stockholm life! Love this city! We need inspiration during these lockdown days

  • Celina, Welcome back! Yours was the very first blog I ever followed, and it was a sad day when you announced stopping with that blog.
    It’s nice to have some good news for a change, with all the sad news about COVID-19. Especially because I work in a hospital in the biggest hot-spot of outbreak in my country.
    My question: Are you planning on doing any make-up tutorials? Those were my favourite!
    Bye, Melissa

    • Thank you, Melissa, that means a lot to me! I must say I can’t even begin to imagine how challenging your work must be now, and I really admire all of you who work in health care. You are doing such an important job for the entire population!

      Thank you for your question, I will definitely do some makeup tutorials and perhaps repost some old ones. Do you have any tutorials in particular you’d like? x

  • I’m so glad you decided to blog again. Your blog was my favorite. I am sooo happy that you are back to blogging. I’m also happy that you have been doing well.

  • This has definitely made my day! So lovely to have you back, especially in the current climate. I need some positive distraction!?.
    I’m curious about your fashion choices nowadays. Are you choosing high street or leaning more towards designer brands? Please blog about your home decor too. From the few pictures you’ve posted, it looks lovely.

    Best wishes, Ilona

    • Thank you Ilona, that makes me so happy to hear! And thank you for your questions and kind words, I’ll include your questions in the post. I’m with you on the need for positive distractions and look forward to hearing your thoughts on fashion and home decor as well. x

  • Hello from Canada!! Celina…. bringing your blog back is hitting all the fuzzy nostalgia feelings for me. Your blog was the first one I ever followed… I was living with my boyfriend at the time, away from home and family for the summer (he was in Milwaukee, I was in Toronto). I came across your blog on ‘Stumble Upon’ and got hooked on your amazing sense of style and your makeup tutorials!!! You are single-handedly responsible for getting me into makeup. I remember being so excited to go out and purchase all the MAC shades you were using so I could recreate your looks, lol! I am now almost 30 and am just generally thrilled to have you back in the blogging-sphere. Would love to hear more about your latest business endeavours, and maybe a throwback makeup tutorial or two? ;). Glad to hear you are well xx

    • Thank you Katie for your lovely message, it really made me smile! I’m so glad to hear you found the makeup tutorials useful and I will make sure to repost a tutorial or two, perhaps revamped with some updated tricks and products. Will definitely tell you all more about my business endeavours as well x

  • Hei, har savnet bloggen din så masse! Du var min største inspirasjon i blogg verden. Min mening er at din blogg bar den beste ever!!! Jeg var så inspirert av deg at jeg skaffet meg både Cartier klokke og Bulgari ringer ?

    • Hei Ida! Så utrolig koselig at du likte bloggen så godt, det setter jeg så pris på! Blir altså så rørt! Elsker at du anskaffet både Cartier klokke og Bulgari ringer også 😀 x

  • Your blog was also my all times favorite! I still remember your posts about raw food and nutrition, nowdays there’s a lot more interest in those matters!
    Of course I remember your travel posts, your lifestyle in Monaco, (now that would be in Stockholm) motivational advice etc…
    I’m really glad to read you again!

    • Thank you, that means so much to me!! That ‘s funny, I remember the raw food stage. Since then I’ve been through Veganism as well which has really had a boost recently since people have become more aware of their carbon footprint. Thank you for your input and your kind words. x

  • I’m so happy you’re back!! Hope you will post lots about fashion, makeup and beauty, travel luxury and interior design! Questions: do you ever go back to Monaco? How do you think you have changed and evolved the most since you stopped blogging? And also, how have you been coping and taking care of yourself during this forced quarantine? Lots of love!!

    • Thank you, Fernanda! Great questions, I will make sure to include them in the post. And thank you for your input about what you would like to read more about, that is very helpful 😀 x

  • im so happy you’re back !
    I was wondering whatever happened to your pomeranians ?

    Take care and much love from The Philippines

  • Super excited to see you back!

    I would love to see more lifestyle content (decor/food/dining etc.)!


  • Super excited that you are back ! I think makeup tutorials or suggestions on makeup you are currently loving would be great 🙂

  • Hello, I am so happy the blog is back. You were writing the blog already for quite some time when I joined in but I loved the content so much that went back and red the whole thing. ? Are you planning to make the old content fully available? I would love that. Also, is Linus still with you? He was such a cutie. Also, I’m trying to get back into using more makeup, specially eyeshadows, so I’ll be happy to see some (normal speed) makeup tutorials with lots of explanation. I’m super happy. I can’t wait to read what are you up to nowdays, I’m ready for the journey. Hugs from Finland, Éva

    • Thank you, Éva, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the blog and that you even read every blog post 😀 And thank you for your questions, I will include them in the post. Linus is definitely a good boy! As for makeup tutorials I will make a note of making them normal speed with lots of explanation x

  • Endelig!!! Dette har jeg ventet og håpet på lenge. Bloggen din var “Ingen over – ingen ved siden”. Du fortsetter med din fantastiske estetiske layout og stil på bloggen I første post. Har savnet dine inspill på mote, interiør, reiser og livet.
    Velkommen tilbake?.

  • Ååååh jeg hopper nesten opp og ned av glede! Dette var en skikkelig fin overraskelse. Jeg har virkelig savnet blogguniverset ditt! Det var ingen annen blogg som kunne måle seg med din. Du har alltid virket så ekte og genuin, og jeg satt så pris på det du delte; enten det var makeup tutorials, poser fra hverdagen eller hvordan man unshrink-er et plagg (det var en lifesaver!). Så, velkommen tilbake Celina <3

    Jeg har også et spørsmål ang styling av en gammel tweed jakke. Jeg har en i skapet som jeg kjøpte brukt for en del år siden, og jeg elsker den. Problemet er at jeg så og si aldri bruker den fordi jeg syntes den er vanskelig å style. Den er mørk blå i bunn og har en del forskjellige farger mønsteret, så den passer egentlig til veldig mye. Jeg bare føler ikke at jeg får den til å funke. Har du noen tips? 🙂

    Gleder meg enormt til å lese bloggen din igjen 🙂

    • Tusen takk for fine ord, Camilla! Det er skikkelig rørende å lese at du likte bloggen så godt, og at du husker innleggene! Veldig glad for å høre at posten om unshrinking kom til hjelp også 😀 Tweed-jakken din høres fantastisk ut! Den må du få hentet frem fra skapet og eksperimentert litt med. Det er litt vanskelig å gi noe konkret tips uten å ha sett den, men jeg synes at tweed-jakker gjør seg best til basics. Altså, jeans og t-skjorte eller skinnbukse og bluse. Så kan man endre uttrykket litt med smykker veske og sko etter hva slags anledning det er. Våren er jo en perfekt tid for å hente den frem! x

  • Welcome back! I’d love to see beauty posts – favourite skincare/body/hair care products etc. Also just random posts about what you’re up to 🙂 Would you ever start a YouTube channel and do vlogs?

    • Thank you, Emma! These are great suggestions, and I will incorporate them all in the coming blog posts. Much appreciated! And I will include your question about Youtube in the post with the answers to all the questions 😀 x

  • Så gøy at du er tilbake! Fulgte deg tett når du blogget i fra Monaco. Det begynner å bli en del år siden. Når flyttet du fra Monaco og hva var grunnen til det?

    • Så hyggelig at du synes det, det blir jeg så glad for å høre! Og kjempe bra spørsmål, jeg er egentlig litt overrasket over at spørsmålet ditt ikke har kommet fra flere. Jeg skal gi deg et utfyllende svar på det i posten med svarene 😀 x

  • Hello ByCelina…so very happy to see you back thank you! You are delightful as ever. Cannot wait to get this thing started??. You and yours keep safe too xx

  • Hello so very happy to have you back. Oh yes seeing you on Youtube vlogging would be great. Anything that you feel inspired to talk about. I look at you and want to take better care of myself! ?
    Is it possible to purchase from your website in Stirling? Thank you from England

  • Congratulation for renewing your blog and for your beautiful new house. I did realize that you are such a known person till know. But I surely felt that you are special. Good luck!!
    Wating to for some makeup tip..?

  • Åååå gjett om jeg ble glad da jeg så du (vel, bloggen) var tilbake, Hurra!
    Jeg er kjempenysgjerrig på hva som har skjedd “siden sist”, og det ser ut som om jeg ikke akkurat er alene om det 😀

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