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Happy Easter!

Hope you’re off to a great start on your Easter holiday! Easter is looking a little different to all of us this year, but I don’t really mind as we have so much left to do here in the house. We’re still unpacking and briefly started designing the walk in closet which is of much need now. My clothes are all over the place and it’s such a mess! I will of course share the final result once it’s finished. Until then, here is the first part of the Q and A. I’ve grouped together some of the questions that are similar, hope that’s ok 🙂

Q: Will you only share fashion and beauty, or will we be able to take part in more of your life? Would be exciting to hear more about what you’re doing, your everyday life and all that comes with it 🙂
Q: I’ve missed your posts about fashion, interior, travel and life.
Q: Hope you will post lots about fashion, makeup and beauty, travel luxury and interior design!
Q: I would love to see more lifestyle content (decor/food/dining etc.)!

A: I’m so humbled that you’ve missed my posts, thank you so much! To answer your question, I’m planning a good old mix of all of the above. I think fashion, interior and beauty should be functional, there is a time and place for everything. For that reason I prefer bloggers being somewhat personal myself as I find it’s easier to understand and be inspired by their choice of fashion, home decor and beauty, and how it fits in with their life compared to how I can incorporate it into my life. However, as my work revolves around fashion it’s natural that the blog will be largely influenced by that. As for traveling I presume none of us will be able to travel anywhere anytime soon due to the pandemic, but hopefully next year 🙂

Q: I’m curious about your fashion choices nowadays. Are you choosing high street or leaning more towards designer brands? Please blog about your home decor too. From the few pictures you’ve posted, it looks lovely.

A: I’m still an avid believer of buying less fast fashion and rather opting for long lasting quality garments, preferably second hand, vintage and garments made of sustainable materials. To mix it up a little and keep my wardrobe current, I restrict myself to buying a few key seasonal trend items from the highstreet each season. I’m very much strategic in my shopping, and I’m price conscious in that I calculate cost per wear, which means I’ll happily splurge on pieces I get more wear out of. I also try to plan my purchases rather than impulsively hoard at Zara, for this reason I rarely shop in physical stores and haven’t done so in years. I actually save all the items on my wishlist to a folder and then compare and narrow down. I can add a link to my shopping folder in the menu, if you’re interested?

As for home decor there is plenty coming!! Thank you for your kind words! As you know we just moved, and for now it’s rather spartan and minimalistic, lol! We are renting the house for two years half furnished, so we’re planning on adding some new furniture very soon. The dilemma we are stuck with however, is whether to go for low budget now and splurge when we buy a place, or to invest in pieces we can keep for many years to come. As with fashion, I obviously prefer to buy less often and invest in high quality, but it’s a risk to invest in pricey pieces that might not fit in the house or flat we end up buying.. #firstworldproblems

Q: Tell us more about your Stockholm life! Love this city! We need inspiration during these lockdown days.

A: Stockholm is wonderful and I wish I could’ve shared more photos from out and about. It’s so beautiful! Stockholm is as you may know not in a lock down, so people are still enjoying winery lunches and going clubbing, but we’ve decided to stay in for now to avoid getting infected and potentially spread the virus. So these first few weeks (or months, who knows?) will be mainly from the house in Saltsjö-Duvnäs. Luckily we managed to get a good spin around the restaurants and bars before the pandemic. I’ll write a guide with my favourite places in Stockholm once the situation has improved.

Q: Are you planning on doing any make-up tutorials? Those were my favourite! I think makeup tutorials or suggestions on makeup you are currently loving would be great ?
Q: Beauty posts – favourite skincare/body/hair care products etc. Also just random posts about what you’re up to ? Would you ever start a YouTube channel and do vlogs?

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A: Thank you, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the makeup tutorials! I don’t have any tutorials planned per say, they tend to come impromptu. As I’ve gotten older and my style has evolved I have started to focus more on my skin, both in terms of skincare and makeup, and less on eye makeup. To be honest I still do my eyes the exact same way as I did 5 years ago. As for my skin I like to keep it fresh and clean looking, with less heavy makeup, and more of a healthy glow. A post with my favourite products is coming up, but before that I will share my absolute favourite makeup products for my skin as they just arrived on the door today. It’s a highlighter and a powder, both from Charlotte Tilbury. I cannot manage without them and had to reorder even in the midst of moving. The highlighter gives the most radiant beautiful glow as it would come from within, as opposed to the glittery obvious disco ball kind which I really dislike. It transforms my skin completely however dull and tired I started the day! The powder is hands down the best for keeping the makeup in place and blurring the skin like a photo filter. It’s pure magic! It’s a very fine powder so it goes on the skin as if it wasn’t there, yet the skin looks so much better both in terms of texture and evenness. You can find the highlighter here, and the powder here. These are affiliate links, but purchased by me and adored by me 🙂 Regarding YouTube, I did once have a channel and I uploaded my first vlog already back in 2009, and then again some when I lived in Monaco. For now I will stick with the blog and social media, but maybe later on I’ll get back on YouTube 😉

Q: Are you planning to make the old content fully available? I would love that.

A: I’m planning on reposting some old tutorials and perhaps some of the old content 🙂

I’ve promised my boyfriend to bake for him today and I can see him glare at me from the corner much like Linus would do if I mentioned a walk and didn’t take him instantly, so I will do the rest of the questions in a separate post. Some of the questions I will answer is more on what I do for work, why I moved from Monaco, about my doggies, what happened with the previous boyfriend and what my life has been like since I stopped blogging.

I hope you’re all enjoying the evening! x

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  • I love these Q&A posts! it’s great to have a glimpse of your life now during these curfew where I personally enjoy spending some spare time reading my favorite blogs like in the old days. I have to say, I was also curious about your ex-boyfriend but it’s not polite to ask about that! LOL… but anyway, it feels like when you catch up with a friend!

    • Happy to hear that, Daniela! Lol, yeah I think a lot of people are curious based on the messages I’ve received on Instagram ? It’s important for us all to connect online now that we’re so cut off physically x

  • Hi Celina!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 May I ask what are the colors of the powder and the concealer please? I would like to try and I also have a fair skin. Thank you!

  • I am so happy you are blogging again! I follow on snapchat but must have missed it, this feels like a quarantine miracle! How is Linux?? I was wondering about him! So great to be reading these blogs again!!

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