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Flower Friday

Flower Friday

I hope you’re having a lovely start to the weekend! I’ve started the day the best possible way I can imagine – a short walk to get the blood circulation flowing, followed by a delicious egg and avocado breakfast on fresh bread, with fresh colourful flowers on the table. I picked up the flowers while hanging out in the city yesterday for the first time in weeks. I had an appointment with the hairdresser which was sorely needed, and then met up with J for a sunny lunch at Nobis. J enjoyed a couple glasses of Chardonnay which I sniffed like a dog in puberty scouring for bitches in the park. Chardonnay and a cheese platter in definitely what I miss the most!

I’m so thrilled with how my hair turned out, and I can’t remember the last time I was this happy about the outcome. No hair breakage and the perfect Scandi natural beigey blonde shade! I highly recommend Camilla at NoC if anyone should be in the need for an appointment in Stockholm. She styled my hair using an awesome curling iron which I’ve already clicked home. It has a big 38mm barrel which gives those wonderful large summery waves – found here (affiliate link). Unfortunately I didn’t think of taking a photo of the hair yesterday and today the locks are almost out, but I’ll show you once it arrives.

It was weird being out amongst people again after all these weeks in total isolation lol. We were of course careful keeping a distance to other people and went home straight after picking up the flowers. But those few hours in the sun were magnificent! I can’t wait for all of this to be over, and to be able to sit in the middle of a smiling sunkissed crowd with wine and champagne flowing through the glasses! I received so many messages from friends in Norway about everyone looking forward to be able to go to the hairdresser next week when the restrictions will come undone again, and I fully understand!

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Now I’m off to work, as I wasn’t very productive yesterday today is going to be a full day. Wishing you all a good day! x

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  • Celina I love your haircolour all the more all hairdresser and beauty salons in Poland are closed from over month. I prefer do not follow my image in the mirror lol ?I really miss my friends whom I haven’t seen for long…but I really want to believe that its for the good of all. Celina maybe could you show us what are your favourite makeup and skin products? Yesterday I received my beauty parcel from Charlotte of course with the products which you recomended inside ?I have to admit that I really love this highlighter. I ordered also the powder you showed, a lipstick, that gold highliter and magic away concealer and can’t wait to use all this goods?have a nice weekend darling?

    • Thank you, Olga! I think they are closed in most countries, I got lots of messages from friends looking forward to go to the hair dresser next week when things are starting to open up again. At least you are not alone with needing an appointment ? I’m happy to share with you which products I use and love, and I’m so happy to hear you loved the products by Charlotte Tilbury! The highlighter really is magic, it’s like it transforms the skin, right? ? Let me know how the concealer works out for you, I’ve been eyeing that one myself xx

  • Just wanted to add that I would also love a new favorite products list! Do you have a favorite self tanner? Have you tried magnetic eyelashes at all? Years and years ago you blew my mind when I found out that people can dye their own eyelashes and eyebrows! I didn’t know that was possible!You still look exactly the same so whatever you are doing is working!

    • Haha! Thank you, that is so kind of you to say! An updated favourites list is coming, including self tanner of course ?I haven’t tried magnetic eyelashes though, I haven’t used fake eyelashes for years. Serums, dye and eyelash perm is so much better!! I will write a post about that too ?

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